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This course is designed to stop your own B.S. and help you start making more money.

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

You work a steady job. You don't mind what you do. It comes with its share of office drama, but what job doesn't. At the end of the day, you get by. 

Sometimes you catch yourself coming home at night, making a quick dinner, watching some Netflix or Youtube and then passing out.

Only to rinse and repeat day after day.

Life begins to feel a little less fulfilling. You catch yourself shopping online more. Dragging your feet when it comes to knocking out that big work presentation even though it's a BIG DEAL you just can't seem to stop distracting yourself. 

Some days you're barely present. You're going through the motions and you're getting the job done, but you stop and wonder what happened to those dreams of yours when you were growing up.

Back then you were certain you were destined for greatness. But these days...

These days you find yourself putting off working on the little side projects you were once so passionate about.

These days you grind out your job for the paycheck and live to grumble and complain about work. Sometimes it's all you can seem to talk about.

Somehow, some way, life began to lose some of its sparkle and shine. Now work just feels like exactly that. Work. And sometimes stress. Okay. More often than not, it feels like stress.

And it's not that you're unhappy...but sometimes you just feel...stuck. And that's part of the problem. You're good at what you do. It's secure. But a long time ago it stopped being the rush of aliveness and excitement and started being something to do to pass the time and pay the bills.

Sometimes...and it makes you feel a bit guilty to admit this. Sometimes, you use it as an excuse NOT to do the things you're actually excited about.

  • "I'm too tired."

  • "I'm too busy."

  • "I'd love to go but I'm working overtime..."

  • "People don't get how stressful my job is."

Slowly but surely your world began to shrink. Now the only time you come alive is the few weeks you spare yourself for vacation every year. You spend the weekends resting and trying to recover from work. You feel restless before you go to you should be out doing something, ANYTHING, more meaningful.

You wake up every morning already stressed by the B.S. and 5 alarm emergencies you know already built up overnight while you were passed out.

You're on the hook for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in corporate assets and projects. 

And goddamnit if this isn't the rat race they warned you about.

You make great money. Your friends all tell you that. But honestly, the money stopped mattering a long time ago. You just want this feeling of emptiness. This hollowness. This low grade, background static of discontent to stop.

Maybe you've experienced some flavor of that.
Maybe some of the details are the same.

But you see yourself in that story.

And you're tired of telling yourself that's the way it has to go.

My name is Rob Wang.

And part of my job is helping people dramatically alter their experience of their work and primary sources of income.

I help people let go of the resignation, blah, burnout, and stress so that they can be fully fulfilled, alive, and excited by what they do.

Whether that's increasing their income, moving to a custom role designed just for them, landing their dream job at another company, or restructuring their experience of reality such that their work environment is transformed from mundane to extraordinary.

The story you read above is my own. I spent years working with high profile clients, a hired gun to help Fortune 500 companies fine tune their marketing machines until they were HUMMING.

I didn't count on sacrificing myself, inch by slow inch, to the corporate machine. It just kinda slid into place. Like a frog in a pot of slowly boiling water, I didn't notice until it was too late.

One years I was fresh faced and excited to be living in one of the biggest cities in the world. Then suddenly it was 3 years later, and I was in a large, well lit apartment that was completely filled with empty Amazon boxes. Expensive toys that I bought for myself to fill the void that had opened up in my life.

I felt trapped, empty inside, and somehow still strung out. I was moody with my friends and then girlfriend and I couldn't be counted on to show up for anything. I was a last minute yes or no to everything.

And that continued until I discovered my way out.

What most people don't realize is they have a choice in how it goes. But first, that means addressing YOUR PATTERN.

Let me explain.

Most of the time your pattern happens without you knowing it's happening.

The only way you know it exists is because you keep getting the same result. Your work projects keep ending up on fire and in emergency mode. You keep having to work overtime week after week. You keep telling yourself you're going to move companies but you never pull the trigger.

Let me be clear, I'm not saying you should feel bad or that there's something wrong with you. In fact, this is normal. This is how most of us operate.

As a human, your pattern is the way you self sabotage. 

But Rob, why would I do that to myself?

Because more than anything, your brain is wired to prioritize one thing:


It doesn't care how. Only that you do. Anytime the stakes are high, your impressionable brain is recording exactly what you did to SURVIVE the encounter.

Now notice I didn't say succeed with flying colors. Or have a great interview. Or impress your boss.

It is only concerned with you living to fight another day.

So if you survived at your job by getting snowed in, barely scraping by under deadlines, or by being stressed the hell out all the time....

Then bad news.

Your brain recorded that. It's going to keep doing it until you find a way to BREAK YOUR PATTERN.

Every time that you fail to behave differently, your brain becomes more and more convinced that it's found THE optimal strategy to survive. That behavior gets harder to change.

In fact the only way to address something like that is through a process called cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is the ONLY mental state that allows you to change your VALUES. (That is to say, the way your brain decides what action to take. The higher up the value is...the more likely you are to take action consistent with that value)

So if your brain has decided that "working your hands to the bone and never stopping to recharge" is high on your value list. Bad news. Your behavior cannot change until you can create some cognitive dissonance.

Most people will continue to get hurt again and again by their Pattern, even when they know it exists. 

Maybe you never stop to take breaks, eat breakfast, or lunch.

Maybe you know you need more help but you never ask.

Maybe you punch out of your office later than almost anyone else, nearly every single day.

Maybe you've held off on asking for a promotion or a raise or seeking another role.

For most people, they KNOW what they should do, but they haven't been able to change.

**Everyone knows how to have a more fulfilling job.**

Take risks. Apply boldly to the roles you want. Set aside time for great sleep and self-care. Delegate for Christ's sake. Followup with and repair things with the team members that are non-responsive and dropping the ball. Network, network, network.

But most of us fall short when it comes taking NEW action.

That's where our Unconventional Coaching practice comes through. 

Our unique process combines the highly effective methodologies of The Socratic Method, Partswork /IFS, Behavioral Psychology, The CoActive Coaching Method, Game Theory, and over 200 hours of highly effective LIVE coaching in creating just enough Cognitive Dissonance that you brain can rewire itself in an atmosphere of safety. Clients report shifts in their ability to choose new actions, sometimes in as little as one session.

Our structure is uniquely equipped to help you sustain these new changes so they become a part of who you naturally are.

No more shooting yourself in the foot. No more holding back. No more working the job you weren't meant to be doing for less pay than you deserve.

You will be working at a job you love, earning the money you want, with the status and relationships with your peers that you've earned.