Frequently asked questions

Do coaches just give people advice?

Giving advice is the least effective means of motivating someone to shift unwanted behaviors. Everyone knows they need to stop doing this, do more of that, or to try something new. The problem is, our emotional brains aren't always on board with that. How many of us can resist a perfect slice of rich chocolate cake (or whatever your vice is) even though we know it'll ruin our diet? How many of us struggle to make it to the gym even though we know it's good for us AND we're already paying for it? That's your emotional brain at work. A good coach's job is helping shift a client's view of their reality so they're excited and see new possibilties in making the changes they were once resisting. The best coaches do that by learning to ask the right questions at the right time. You're in the hands of a skilled coach when you start learning things about yourself, what you hold dear, and what you want to do with your life that move you to tears - when at the end of the session you've got a game plan and you're raring to take on the world.

What makes your practice or philosophy different from others?

The people around me get what they want. In the process they start showing up as bigger, more generous, and more loving. Who they are in the world starts to change. And that begins to be reflected in their lifestyle. Our process is simple. I ask you the right question at the right time. I challenge and support you through the process. The outcome is miracles in your life. This isn't something you can read about to understand. You have to experience it yourself.

What does a session look like? What’s happening? How is it structured?

Your session begins when you log into you computer and join an online meeting where you and I will be eye-to-eye discussing that which is MOST important to you for 120 minutes. You will be asked curious, probing, and challenging questions and discover more deep, painful, and amazing truths about yourself than you ever thought possible. Throughout your session you will naturally finding your beliefs, emotions, and goals shifting to align with your highest calling. Be prepared for miracles.

What have your most successful client relationships had in common?

They aren't concerned with looking good, protecting their ego, or being defensive. My most successful clients recognize they get the best results when they choose to be open, honest, vulnerable, and take the time to look inside to see if something is actually true rather than writing it off because they don't like thinking about themselves that way. My best clients are impeccable with their word. They show up on time. They do what they commit to. They're in action on the things that can meaningfully impact their futures. They aren't afraid to spend their time, energy, and money on themselves to get help - because ultimately they know it will earn them MORE time, money, and energy in the future.

How can I start working with you?

Coaching is by invite or referral only. If you have questions about eligibility, email rlwang1@gmail.com.