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Client experience

We asked some clients what it was like coaching with Rob and this is what they told us.

In one day, he helped me get clear on how I was getting in my own way with women, get more dates, and get clarity around how I want to progress in my career as a coach.


He has a way of going deep in the session to get a breakthrough that I often didn't know I was stuck on.


After getting "unstuck" I have felt more alive, free, and I'm getting more dates. I get a ton of value coaching with Rob! I cannot recommend him any higher.

Warren McKee

Dating Coach


"Rob is a Jedi master of teaching and modeling vulnerability, authenticity, dating, self-connection. He keeps me on track in achieving my life goals!

Knowing That Rob has my back and that I can reach out when I’m stuck, shutting down or isolating has been crucial for me.

He also will call bullshit on me and won’t let me play small.

My overall experience has quite literally been life altering."

Scott Pagliaccio

Happiness Guru


This is is the very first review I've done and I'm glad I'm doing it for Rob.


It's a doorway to a better way of living, what I really got out of my experience with Rob is peace of mind, trust in myself and my confidence back.


If you are new to working with Rob just I know you are in good hands.

Adrian Bermudez

Personal Trainer

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