My Promise

My promise is that you walk away from each session feeling empowered: filled with the urgency and drive to take on what really matters to you. I will stand for your win. Not how I think it should look. Not how your mom and dad think it should look.

A win as measured by what's most important to you.

To do that, we'll be creating a space together.

What does a space do...exactly? Good question.

So you know that one friend you kind of avoid because they're so judgey?

You know that other friend you can basically share anything with?

Most of the icky feelings you get in the first scenario and the pleasant free feeling you get in the second are a result of the space that got created. Our job in each session is to make a space that's unlike anything you've ever experienced before. 

After all, we're here to transform your life. ;)

To do that...we have our agreements.

Here are our mutual agreements:

  1. I will be on time and undistracted. I will have a reliable internet connection.

  2. If I commit to doing something, it will be completed on time to the best of my abilities.

  3. If I’m not able to meet the conditions above, I commit to letting you know as early as possible.

Here are my agreements to you:

  1. Sessions are confidential and safe. You will not be judged, given advice, or made wrong for what you share.

  2. I will challenge the way you see yourself, others, and your world.

  3. I will help you build structures to sustain your growth and transformation.

  4. I will support you in discovering the people, places, things, and activities that make you come alive.

Here are your agreements:

  1. I will come prepared to each session with a clear idea of what I’d like coaching on.

  2. I will be honest, vulnerable and self-expressed. I will not let my inner critic become an obstacle to my growth.

  3. I will stay with my experience and my session even when it gets uncomfortable. I will take on coaching and challenge not for my coach, but for myself. I understand that by processing the past and unwanted emotions, I will create my own freedom and transformation.

Aaaand that's it. 

Catch you in your first session!