• Rob Wang

Everything I Learned From My 28 Day Social Media Fast...

28 days ago I dramatically swore off social media.

During this time my business doubled, I gained 1k reddit karma in a week (meaning 1000 people decided that what I had to say was valuable), rekindled romance with someone I really care about, and now know myself to be "good at sales".

Here are the ideas that got me there and my big takeaways.

  1. People want the answers first, story later. If I'm creating a post, the more I dilly dally and talk about the research and the why... the less people engage. Lead with what people are asking for. The rest of the stuff is fluff, validation seeking, and looking good.

  2. Sales and dating They're the same. I saw how I was trying to follow a sales format. "Handle objections". "Get leads". This is all inauthentic and comes from a weird place. People picked up on those vibes. It got weird. This mimics what's happening in the "dating expert" world. Learn these lines! Don't overshare on a first date! Make sure your arms aren't crossed! Fuck all of that. It worked better for me to get to know people over a long period of time. Then bring it up if I wanted to work with them, because I knew I could help. It takes time for people to trust and understand who I am as a person and a charisma coach. There's no reason to rush any of that.

  3. Fear and expertise Here is the cycle to achieving expertise. First comes suffering. My business is failing. This leads to action. I'm quitting Facebook. Action leads to experience. I'm talking with more leads. Experience leads to mindset. I'm good at sales. The most valuable actions I took were in arenas where I was terrified. I DON'T want to talk about being authentic and attracting people with your real personality on the internet because people get triggered by that. I found that some people think it's an impossible pipe dream! Which leads us to the next idea. Experts become experts by doing the things that others aren't willing to do. Follow your fear. Expertise happens when you've gone so deeply into fear that you've left the vast majority of people behind in pursuit of your truth.

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