• Rob Wang

Should you ‘sexualise’ topics early on? If yes, then how?

  • Sexualize because she did something that turned you on.

  • Sexualize because your brain went there naturally.

  • Never sexualize because you think you should.

This is a problem that many men have when it comes to dating.

The fear is that if I don't make a move, she'll put me in the friendzone or lose interest.

I've seen and heard this taught.

This is singlehandedly the worst possible advice you could give another human being.

Should you be talking about sex with a romantic interest? Yes, but that's not the point. The point is to be genuine. The real deal. Talk about what you're feeling right now, not about the things you *should* be talking about.

Trying to force a sexual convo makes guys come across creepy and weird.

It's the same reason why we hate a bad actor.

We know he's faking it, and it makes us cringe.

We can see it coming from miles away.

It isn't congruent.

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