• Rob Wang

Tips on how to be more dominant

Important. Don't just jump into being dominant.

Check to see if she's into it first. Otherwise, this could go VERY wrong. Some women respond to this. Others don't. For some, their receptiveness to this varies from minute to minute. Unless she's given you blanket permission to do this whenever you like, your best move is to ask first or this will get you in deep shit.

Some options

- pushing her against things (walls, cars)

- biting her neck

- hair pulling (go for the hair at the base of her skull and grab as much hair as you can, otherwise this is just unpleasant

- restrain her arms or legs, pin them down

- figure out what pet name she likes being called (pet, princess, slut, etc.) then growl it in her ear

- physically overpowering her (ex. wrestling)

- treat her like a sex object

- choking (if you're going to choke look up how to do this properly or you will crush her windpipe and it's going to be bad. It just takes 3 lbs of pressure).

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

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