• Rob Wang

Why neediness is the worst thing...

Found on reddit...

This is a hard lesson to learn.

It's also the BIGGEST complaint that women have about dating men.

When men don't take a second to connect with the HUMAN and instead take on a conversation like it's just access to sex, it almost always fails.


It's if women kept on having conversations with you, but only because they secretly wanted you to buy them lunch. I'm sure you don't mind buying people lunch every once in awhile if they're upfront about it. But after getting one girl after another who just wants to treat you like a wallet or a free meal, this would get old fast. Same thing is happening to women.

Women like sex. Really. But they're kinda jaded about it because mostly, this is how guys lead off the convo.

Start by understanding who she is. Start by understanding if you EVEN WANT an intimate connection with this person or if you're just horny. Take your time with this part because it will save you a lot of pain - maybe she's got some baggage and red flags you don't see yet.

Once you have a grasp of who she is...then flirt.

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