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Do you have an easy time with friends &  family but become robotic around attractive women?

Can't stop yourself from asking questions that suck the fun and energy out of dates?

Do you choke up when it's time to ask for what you want - whether it's a raise, promotion, or a 1st date?

Most guys don't realize these problems are optional. There's a way out, and it's not hard.

My name's Rob. I help guys put 100% of their personality out there so they can...

  • Finally stop feeling nervous & boring around attractive women.

  • Attract and keep a loving girlfriend who can't wait to spend time with them.

  • Stand out at work instead of being taken for granted and passed over for promotions, big bonuses, and raises.


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The reality is, this is a charisma problem. This is what people mean when they say someone is charismatic. They have a strong presence about them. They're unapologetic about who they are. They feel no shame about what they're worth, what they want, and what they believe. They have the ability to connect deeply with nearly anyone in just a few minutes.


People can immediately tell when someone is charismatic. They can feel it. They're drawn to it. They need to interact with it. It leaves an undeniable impression. Because of that, charisma opens doors. 

According to Forbes:
"A steady supply of charisma can not only make you a star at parties, but research shows that it can help get you hired-and even nab you a higher salary offer. 

According to Rakesh Khurana, a professor of leadership development at Harvard, charisma is the quality that American companies most often seek in a C.E.O."


Clearly, Charisma is good. But when you don't have it, it costs you something, too. This is the painful reality I want you to avoid. Being boring isn't just a minor inconvenience. It has harsh, real-world consequences that most guys don't anticipate:

Am I Crazy For Wanting To Dump The Amazing Man Who Bores Me?

You wait and pray for there to be a good guy left on this earth and finally one comes along and you find him boring[...] What is that, am I crazy? Am I being picky? Any other woman would think he is a great catch. I think so as well but just...I don't know why I can't get into him.

― Diana


Boredom was the reason 71% of unfaithful men and 49% of the women gave for acting on sexual temptation. 

― Dec 2017

Business Insider

According to Winter, people who are bored in a relationship might end up cheating, even if they hadn't necessarily planned on it. "Boredom that meets opportunity for adventure and excitement often leads to cheating" 

― Mar 2018

White Chair

"I don't want hundreds of women. I just want one who loves me."

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.

  • Maybe you don't want a girlfriend for each day of the week.

  • Maybe you don't to date a Victoria's Secret Model...

  • All you want is A RELATIONSHIP with a pretty girl who loves you.

  • All you want is for people to stop treating you like you're invisible.


  • You log into Tinder and it feels like you aren't allowed to have ANY flaws.

  • Women read and THEN ignore your texts.

  • You go on a date, she tells you she had a nice time, and then she never responds again.

  • IF your dream girl exists, you're not even sure you'll be able to attract her.

  • You try to network with coworkers and it just turns into boring desperate small talk. The kind of small talk where everyone knows you're just trying to stall for time.

  • At work, you shrink back and sit on your ideas instead of speaking up. You'll do it "next time". Only next time comes and it happens again ...and again.


Here's the thing. Not only is it possible to never be boring's not that hard.

How do I know? I spent my ENTIRE 20s feeling ugly, boring, and unwanted. 

I followed all the rules the experts "taught me". I worked out until I had a 6 pack. I took improv classes, rode motorcycles, read books on influence and seduction, took acting classes, vocal lessons, bought expensive suits, and dressed nicer than anyone I knew...AND NONE OF IT HELPED.

Most women reacted to me like I was creepy, weird, or ignored me entirely. If I'm being completely, painfully honest, sometimes it felt like almost everyone treated me that way. That was the worst part. Reaching out for some semblance of human connection and getting nothing back at all. It was like, in those moments I stopped existing or mattering.

It wasn't long before I was convinced there was something actually wrong with me. Like there was a critical piece of my brain that just never developed and never would.

The truth of the matter is... I was objectively successful. I lived in one of the top 3 cities in the United States. I made good money. Worked with powerhouse Fortune 100 brands. But because I couldn't seem to make meaningful connections with people, none of that mattered.

Meaningful connection would only happen accidentally. Once in a blue moon. And when it did, I felt alive and like the entirety of existence was magic. Otherwise, life was numb, flat, and empty. Some days I wondered if I were some kind of high-functioning sociopath. I felt like I'd been hollowed out and then packed full with dull foam bricks.

Then I began to think: "If this is the best life has to offer, I might as well go out on my own terms."

All I wanted to do, was drive out into the desert and fade away.

That thought terrified me. I'd had bad days before, but I'd never been so casual about my own death. I knew if I didn't do something drastic, and soon, it wouldn't be long before I acted on that.


In my desperation, I tried everything...including the stuff I'd be EXPLICITLY TOLD NOT TO DO by the "experts". I took unreasonable risks. I went on adventures and said yes to all opportunities no matter how terrifying. I got deeply in touch with parts of me that I didn't know existed. And somewhere along the line, that's when I found the answer.


It was counterintuitive. It didn't look anything like what I thought it should. But despite that, I knew immediately, this was what I'd been looking for the ENTIRE TIME. I felt like an idiot. I felt like I'd wasted past 10 years. If I'd ONLY known that it could be THIS damned simple.

Then, EVERYTHING started working all at once.



In just a few months...

  • A woman who I was convinced was out of my league, found me at a party and asked for permission to kiss me.

  • Girls started insisting that I take their numbers to stay in touch.

  • Women started messaging me on Facebook and asking if I would be open to dating them.

  • 2 women I was deeply attracted to wanted to get more physical.

  • BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, I felt like I was truly alive. It felt like people valued what I had to say. Like I actually mattered.

What most people fail to realize is that this (Charisma) is a learnable skill.

According to Forbes...

You needn't be a Brad or an Angelina to attract people to you. "Charisma is a primal energy, a sexual energy, a spiritual energy," he explains. "If you accept that definition, then we all have it. The question is not can I have it, but what are some of the ways in which I can access this energy to bring more out of me and connect more people to me?"

Achim Nowak, Author

Thing is, if you don't know what you're looking for, you'll never spot the secret. Most men go their entire lives without knowing. I was on track to do that, too. That's why I've designed a curriculum specifically to help guys with this. Guys who graduate become so charismatic, it's unfair. You can read some of their results below.

Grey Surface

"I've helped people unlock their true charismatic selves over 450 times, I can help you, too"

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that mindset is everything. What you believe about yourself becomes your reality.

If I believe I'm boring, I will act as a boring person would. Talking too much to make up for my boring-ness, not talking enough because I'm too boring to be listened to, feeling incredibly awkward during silences ― there's a long list of bad behaviors that follow.

But here's the thing none of the "gurus" or "experts" will tell you: 

Mindset is EARNED through action. The same goes for Charisma.

  • You don't get it by being on your phone looking up motivational videos.

  • Or by reading 100 books a year.

  • Or by doing affirmations or thinking positive.

  • Or by "faking it til you make it" - I hate this one. At best, it makes folks seem like they're trying too hard if not outright creepy and fake.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is just someone posing as an expert. Or trying to scam you into attending their $5,000 woo-woo weekend seminar that fills you with false hope and ultimately gets you nowhere. Unfortunately, I've fallen for that trap a few too many times. I have regrets.

See, charisma can't be learned through books. Only the right action will get you what you want. People who try to figure this out on their own, end up spinning their wheels. It took me over 10 years before I finally got it. It's easy to get focused on the wrong thing and lose months or years on a dead-end solution. Believe me, as the guy who fell for all of them, there are a LOT. Everything else I've seen on the market misses the point entirely.

Because action is so critical, I only work with action takers. People willing to set their ego aside. Nothing against the rest of folks. That's who I get results with. If you want to work with me, I need to know you're that kind of person, too.

I've included a link below to a unique offer for you.

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  • The NUCLEAR mistake that makes men boring & the simple cure

  • What really matters (and what doesn't) when start any conversation

  • Your personal roadmap to guaranteed Charisma

  • How to uncover and erase your unconscious limiting beliefs

  • What holds most people back from being naturally unleashed & how to stop it today

  • And whether or not you qualify for my exclusive 'Charisma Unlock' training with guaranteed results.

This is 60 minutes, where I will personally make sure you get to win in your dating and professional life. These sessions retail for $250 apiece and go upwards from there. I'll give you one as a gift when you answer 5 questions about yourself.

If that's something you want,

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